Classic 2 Bagpipe

  • Combed & Beaded African Blackwood
  • Imitation Ivory Projection Mounts
  • Beaded & Enclosed Plain Nickel Ferrules
  • Beaded & Enclosed Plain Nickel Ringcaps
  • Plain Nickel Slides
  • Poly Pipe Chanter
  • Also available fully assembled and ready to play
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The bores are silky smooth and well polished, the 1st thing i look for in a good bagpipe, and the quality in overall finish was superb and the attention to detail was exemplary. Once they were reeded up and ready to go, i played them for around 2 hours at the practice. The drones are very steady, and there's a good mix between the bass and tenors. Once tuned, they hardly moved and the overall tonal quality was as good as i have played...

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