Standard 0 Bagpipe

  • Plain Turned African Blackwood
  • African Blackwood Button Mounts
  • African Blackwood Ferrules
  • African Blackwood Ringcaps
  • Poly Pipe Chanter
  • Also available fully assembled and ready to play
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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Standard 0 Wallace Bagpipe!

We understand that price is becoming a deciding factor when customers are choosing bagpipes and this the reason why Plastic Bagpipes are becoming so popular.

As you can see from the attached photographs these pipes are made completely from the finest African Blackwood with no nickel or imitation fitted to save cost as
the ferrules & ringcaps are all turned out of the same piece of wood with the African Blackwood bush being fitted after the “bell” is done.

If you have any questions regarding this stunning new product please do not hesitate to e-mail me on for more information!