Ben Muir


Hi Craig,

Thanks very much for my pipes, I love them!

They look and sound great!

My favourite part of the silver engraving is the shield with my name and family crest plus it was also great to visit your factory and see where they were made.

Ben Muir

Fiona Muir

Hi Craig,

I would like to thank you again it was a pleasure to deal with Wallace Bagpipes!

I can't recommend you highly enough you offer a fantastic personal and professional service.

Thanks again


Xavier Boderiou

Xavier Boderiou

I got a nickel engraved set of Wallace pipes from Craig Munro and I have to say that I was more than impressed by the overall quality of the workmanship. The attention to details is evident on the Classic 4 set, from the deeply engraved nickel to the flawlessly turned combs and beads. The sound of Wallace pipes is very well balanced : The deep and resonant sounding bass drone and bright tenors lock in very well and give the steadiness you need - I would recommend these pipes to anyone!

Peter Crowe<

Peter Crowe

Peter Crowe

Wallace Bagpipes really impressed me with their high quality service, I was dealt with on a personal level and got exactly what I wanted. The Classic 4’s look great and what’s more they sound great. The pipes are steady and I haven’t had to change much since I first set them up to how I want them. The only times I have is when I have had to change the pitch of the pipe for different reasons; even then it hasn’t affected the quality of sound.

Overall I am very happy with my Wallace pipes and would happily recommend them to anyone.

Peter Crowe<

Don Harder

Don Harder

Hi Craig,

I trust you will be busy with all the Glasgow piping events this week, wish I could be there! Here is a short testimonial for you, hope it's what you are looking for..

As a novice piper, I feel very fortunate to have bought a set of Wallace Bagpipes. The Classic 1 set is beautiful, classy looking, yet very understated. The fit and finish are superb. As I learn more as a piper, I am realizing the tone of these drones is amazing. Rich and complex, with strong clear overtones.

I am also most impressed with the service I have received. Ordering was easy, with e-mails answered within a day. The set came exactly as I expected, even with a few extras thrown in. Thanks!

I look forward to many years of pleasurable learning with this amazing instrument. Thanks to Craig and the whole Wallace team.

Shawn Husk

As a reedmaker, I feel it's part of my job to have every popular chanter on the market for testing and set up purposes. If a customer orders a reed for a Shepherd chanter what good is it if I test that reed in a McCallum or a Naill?

While I already had all of the well known chanters on the market, I decided that it would be prudent (and interesting, not to mention fun) to pick up all of the lesser known and new chanters on the market that maybe I hadn't heard about.

So in an effort to acquire as many chanters as I can, I ordered a Wallace pipe chanter from Craig Munro, who's the production manager over at Wallace Bagpipes Ltd. out of Glasgow Scotland.

The chanter arrived in a short amount of time and was well packaged for shipping. Upon opening the package I found a very attractive chanter that looked very well made. Aesthetically the chanter is quite pleasing. All the holes are centered to the bore, the bore of each hole is crisp and clean with no jagged edges or loose plastic fibers hanging around in the bore, etc.... The hole spacing is excellent and no large stretch of the fingers is required to reach them, which is nice for many people with smaller hands, or women/children, etc..... While not all of the holes are the same size, the E and C holes are slightly bigger than the average of the other holes, they are not so large that the average piper would have problems covering them. I also liked the excellent "Wallace Bagpipes" stamp on the top of the chanter for quick and easy identification. Along with all of these traits the chanter also has a very nice and distinctive foot which is easy to spot from other makes.

Needless to say I was quite excited.

Of course the very first reed I tried in it was my own. Right away I noticed that the reed seat is rather large. Not overly large by any means, but it's quite wide at the top and narrows down nicely. This will allow you to use any reed you should wish in it with no problems. Also the reed seat is not threaded, which I personally prefer. Threading is also good but I like a reed seat that is smooth, call me old school.

I popped a Husk reed in and checked it by mouth against the tuner. I had to add a wee bit of hemp to bring the top hand into balance and once I did I noted that it was balanced at a pitch of 480. I thought this was an excellent pitch. Nice and bright sounding with plenty of tone.

All the notes were pretty much spot on straight away. The chanter had a really nice bold tone to it. Not harsh in any way but with plenty of volume. The top hand was really nice and projected very well. I did a quick check on the piobaireachd high G and it was dead stable. Absolutely no movement even with some varying blowing pressures. Excellent! I could not wait to play it.

So play it I did. I play a set of Kron Heritage drones which are based on an old set of 1912 Hendersons and the chanter fit in very nicely. Nice big bold chanter sound to accompany my big sounding drones. I needed a wee spot of tape here and there but it was only a sliver and just enough to bring the chanter into perfect tune with my drones. I was very pleased.

Of course I wanted to do a thorough test and check the chanter with other reeds, not just my own. What I found was that in nearly every case the chanter took all reeds well. Very easy to reed. Most reeds were right at 480 +/- 1. And in every case the piobaireachd high G was completely stable. In many cases it did not even change in tone from the regular high G. Some of the reeds I tested included: Shepherd, MacPhee, MG, Caldwell, Gilmour, Troy, and the new G1 Platinum. All of these performed excellent in the Wallace chanter.

I've been enjoying playing this chanter a lot, and I am quite impressed with it in every respect.

To summarize:

1. Well made with good finger spacing and an excellent reed seat. Nice clean holes with no plastic bits floating around in the bore.
2. Easy to reed.
3. Excellent pitch at 480.
4. Great volume with plenty of projection on all the notes including the top hand.
5. Stable piobaireachd high G with all reeds tested.

I simply could find no fault with this chanter. I think it would be an excellent band chanter choice as well as a good solo chanter as long as you are playing some nice bold drones to match.

I'd like to congratulate Craig on a job well done!

Review by Shawn Husk of Husk Reeds

Johann Huber

Hello Craig

Johann Hubers' testimonial

I`m realy very satisfied with the bagpipes. Wallace bagpipes is an excellent work.

Best regards from Austria

Johann Huber

Brian Lenaghan


I popped into the workshop today and picked up the stock which was in for repair. They guys couldn't have been more helpful and the repair is completely unnoticeable. I would like to thank you and your staff for carrying out this repair free of charge on my 4 year old pipes. It is not often that you encounter this level of customer service. As someone with a background in Quality Assurance in manufacturing and engineering this customer focused approach is refreshing to experience.

Thanks again


Brian Lenaghan

Barry Wallace's New pipes

When we were over in Scotland(Celtic Connexions Tour) at the Homecoming we paid a visit to The Wallace Bagpipes factory in Glasgow and met some of the team that makes the bagpipes and also Production Director Craig Munro, it was great the see the process and it’s something I had never seen before.

Whilst there our NZ Clan Wallace President, Barry Wallace, showed Craig some castings he had made, in Silver, and asked him if he could build a set of sticks,(the drones), around all these bits of shiny metal that Barry had carried all around on tour in has bag. Well Wallace bagpipes set to the challenge and was great to see and hear , and even get a shot of Barry`s new pipes at Peoria tattoo last weekend.

This is what Barry had to say about his new pipes:

“I am very pleased with the pipes Craig made for me. They are well finished, sound good, and look good – no terrific.

In particular they take a lot less air than my old Lawrie’s, which makes life easier for me.

I am using balance tone drone reeds, and drone stoppers with little flapper valves. No tapping the bag to get them started – just blowinto them and they start without squawks or groans.

I find this great, as a Pipe Major I hum the tune and give the tempo, marching on the spot, then call the “quick march” and know my pipes will start.

My castings are very heavy with the thistles and knots really raised. We matched them with Craig’s engravings and picked some light patterns that complement the heavy thistle pattern which worked out well. The projecting mounts are just plain silver with no pattern on them at all.”

So all in all this was a great specialist job carried out by Wallace bagpipes.

Celtic Connexions are proud to be a supplier of these fine made instruments!

School of Piping

Link to pdf review from the School of Piping

Dan Wright

I had been playing my dad's c1900 Henderson with ivory mounts since 1997 but was concerned that one day I would be stopped at customs for import/export of Ivory products and have my pipes confiscated. So I decided to buy a set that I could travel with without having that extra worry. In 2007 I bought a set of Wallace Pipes and I have been absolutely delighted with them. I played them at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2007 and 2011. I would recommend Wallace Bagpipe to everyone. Their craftsmanship is superb.

testimonial from Dan Wright

Dan Wright,

Marc Sheridan

Hello Craig,

Marc Sheridan testimonial
Wallace Bagpipes would like to thank Dougie McCance from the Red Hot Chilli Pipers for presenting these pipes on our behalf.

Just a small note to say thank you ever so much for surprising me with my very own Wallace Bagpipes – so happy that I have a set of pipes that are mine and they even have my name engraved on them!

I cannot thank Craig and his team enough for this surprise plus my Mum, Dad, Gran and finally Dougie from the Red Hot Chilli Pipers who presented the surprise to me during our lesson, it was the best night ever!

Marc Sheridan age 11


Just wanted to drop you a wee note to say a big thanks to you and your team for Marc's pipes, for the first time in 11 years he was stuck for words.

Once again thank you so much for making a wee boys dreams come true.


Simone De Marchi Asiago

Hello Craig,

Simone De Marchi Asiago testimonialI wanted to congratulate you for the excellent service of your company, but especially for your bagpipes from my point of view, is the best ever.

Congratulations again!

Simone De Marchi Asiago, Vicenza, Italy

Ross Forrest

Hey Craig,

Ross Forrest testimonialJust a wee note to tell you how pleased I am with my new classic 4 engraved pipes. Having played them on many occasions since receiving them, it is a joy to say that my pipes have a powerful yet beautifully refined drone sound. Once the drones are in tune, they sit as steady as a rock. Not just, is the sound superb, the overall aesthetics of the pipes are also impressive. One of the most exciting features regarding the pipes is the use of chromed nicol. The chore of constant polishing is not quite as tedious as before. What more can a piper want! I highly recommend Wallace bagpipes.

Ross Forrest

John Keane

Hi Craig,

Being the owner of 1915 Henderson bagpipes, I am very proud of them. Unfortunately the middle tenor lower joint section developed a long crack. I used electrical tape for awhile ,but it was disconcerting. When I found Wallace Bagpipes did repairs I decided to get them fixed. I sent the piece to them. They took the ivory from the old joint and replaced the split wood with new African Blackwood. The new tenor joint is a perfect match to the other piece. I am a very happy piper because of the skill and craftsmanship of Wallace Bagpipes. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

John Keane
Saffron United Bagpipe Band

Darroll Morehouse

Salem Firefighters Pipe Band

View the scanned PDF from Darroll Morehouse, Pipe Sergeant and "Honorary Pipe Major", Salem Firefighters Pipes and Drums.

Man Siu

Man Siu testimonialWhen I planned to buy a bagpipe from Scotland last year some pipers and Pipe Major’s advised me to purchase Wallace Bagpipes so I started to compare different brands and decided Wallace was the one for me.

When I picked up the pipe in Scotland I also had a full tour by Craig Munro. He led me round his factory and introduced me to all the manufacturing processes that went into making my new bagpipe. It was very clear to see that everything from the storage of raw materials to the hand finishing stage was treated with great care and it was good for me how each craftsman takes great care of the pipes with heart in each procedure.

They used a CNC machine to make their pipes in early process which can keep every set of bagpipe the same. Craftsman made the excellent exterior, the combed and beaded turning all by hands. I touched the bass stock when craftsman just finished the turning, it was very smooth plus the combed and beading are very perfect.

As soon as I got back home and tried to play the pipe and found them very easy to tune and have a very good tenor and bass balance with chanter in perfect harmony.

Craig --- Excellent Music Instrument!

Best Regards,

Man Siu

Scott Callaghan

Hi Craig,

Scott Callaghan testimonialThank you so much for making such great bagpipes, they are a joy to play and they sound amazing, they are by far the best pipes I have ever played.

Thank you also for all the helpful tips you have given me since getting my new bagpipes.

I play in the Te Puke pipe band in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand and I am so proud of my Wallace Bagpipes.

Keep up the good work!

Scott Callaghan
New Zealand

Mario Marco

Hi Craig,

Mario Marco testimonialJust to let you know the pipes arrived safely and are up and playing. I'm delighted with them and look forward to many happy hours of piping. It was interesting to find the drones break in very easily, one hardly has to strike them!

Best wishes, Mario

Andreas Schneider

Robert Mathieson testimonialMany thanks for the new pipe. I should have ordered a new one much sooner. I got best advice from David Johnston on this. Directly on the first try I had a great feeling. The drones run well and the chanter is to play well and easily. A nearly indescribable feeling after a long time exercising on a non-playable pipe. Now, I'm exercising the notes in order to learn new songs. I was so pleased of being able to express my thanks directly and look forward already to the next meeting. A full recommendation for the company.

Andreas Schneider

Andreas Schneider

Robert Mathieson testimonialMany thanks for the new pipe. I should have ordered a new one much sooner. I got best advice from David Johnston on this. Directly on the first try I had a great feeling. The drones run well and the chanter is to play well and easily. A nearly indescribable feeling after a long time exercising on a non-playable pipe. Now, I'm exercising the notes in order to learn new songs. I was so pleased of being able to express my thanks directly and look forward already to the next meeting. A full recommendation for the company.

Best wishes
Hannah Chapman/Neuss in Germany.

Hannah Chapman

"I'm thrilled with my new gorgeous Wallace pipe-set. At last I have an instrument which has a beautiful sound and which is really easy for me to play. I love this instrument and finally I can concentrate on playing correctly without having to keep thinking about are all drones working right. THANK YOU (David Johnston, Pipers Corner Shop) also for the perfect service. I will recommend Wallace-Bagpipes to as many people as possible."

Best wishes
Hannah Chapman/Neuss in Germany.

Robert Mathieson

Robert Mathieson testimonial

Michael Harmuth

Hallo David Johnston (The Pipers Corner Shop),

vielen Dank für diese schöne Wallace Bagpipe und für deine Arbeit, damit sie so leicht zu spielen ist. Die Pipe ist wie angekündigt gestern Abend von DPD geliefert worden. Dann musste ich natürlich erst einmal "spielen", so dass ich erst jetzt diese Mail schreiben kann. Ich habe das Geld heute überwiesen, so dass es wahrscheinlich am Donnerstag oder Freitag bei dir sein müsste.

Also nochmals vielen Dank für die superschnelle Lieferung und für deine Arbeit. Wir werden sicherlich wieder voneinander hören, wenn es darum geht neue Reeds oder ähnliches zu kaufen. Ich werde deinen Shop auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen.

Also bis dann.
Grüße aus Bad Harzburg
Michael Harmuth

Calum Ross

Calum RossWallace Bagpipes Scotland Ltd - Executive 4/7 Set of Bagpipes

Hi Craig

We haven't forgotten you! Happy New Year.

Just a few lines to let you, and your team, know we are all absolutely delighted with the Executive 4/7 set of bagpipes which you produced for our thirteen year old son Calum. This followed on from him being awarded the top prize at the College at Carbisdale, 2009, of a £500 voucher towards the cost of any set of bagpipes from Wallace Bagpipes Scotland Ltd.

As The Productions Manager, Craig, you provided us with excellent advice regarding the wide choice that was available, and also with an excellent deal.

The Executive 4/7 are a top quality, fully combed and beaded African Blackwood set of bagpipes with imitation ivory mounts. Following your advice, we chose wisely when we combined this with sterling silver ferrules, slides and chanter sole - all beautifully engraved with the lovely Celtic design.

This fine set has also been made unique and extra special, by the engraving of personalized information on the three silver ring caps. Without doubt, the set will be a lifelong 'treasure' which will be put to good use many times.
Throughout each stage of the arrangements, you always provided us with very high quality service.  We also enjoyed the complimentary tour of the factory, prior to the presentation of the greatly anticipated bagpipes.

In conclusion, we would give top marks for the appearance, quality and rich majestic sound of these fantastic bagpipes.  We would certainly have no hesitation at all, in highly recommending Wallace Bagpipes Scotland Ltd, for their highly professional service.

Thanks again for everything.
Kind regards
Andrew, Margaret and Calum

Douglas Murray

Bruce Campbell

It's very hard these days to find quality and reliability in an instrument especially one as variant as the bagpipes.
Wallace bagpipes have produced both, i have had my Wallace Bagpipes for just over a year now and have to say they are great to play .
Easy to reed, easy to tune, and hold in tune more importantly.
The machine quality in there finished product is excellent and a credit to all involved.
I would recommend them to anyone.

Douglas Murray (Fife Police)

Bruce Campbell

Bruce CampbellHi Craig,

I 'tied' the pipes in last night and have just finished a session with them (using my old reeds).

I'm playing at a recital in Italy on Friday and have no worries in playing this new set of pipes, even with just a couple of days to get the 'right feel'. I want to spend a bit more time getting the best out of my reed combination so that I can maximise the whole 'wall of sound' but I've instantly been impressed with the mellowness of the drone tone - no brash harmonics here. There are a couple of wee points that maybe many pipers overlook. One is the material used in the mouthpiece manufacture; I wish I'd used one of these pieces years ago, I might still have more 'middle tooth'. The second is the reed seat in the drones; this is excellent and allows me to get my reeds right up and obviously now I have got more reed 'security' and also a bit more on the tuning pins. The drone sound is great - and I know there is more to come when I set about doing minor adjustments to my reeds. Finally, the finish, detailing and drone bores (they actually gleam!) are hallmarks of outstanding craftsmanship. They are a heavy set, that is down to the wieght of both the Blackwood and the mounts - but that just gives them the feel of a 'big' set with all of the power that that brings. Finally, I have no hesitation in recommending Wallace Bagpipes to students of THE PIPING SCHOOL.

Bruce Campbell

Pietro Malaguti

Pietro MalagutiHello Craig,

After my visit to your factory, where me and my wife Simonetta were impressed by the professional approach on every step of this pipe-maker and the excitement to see how a bagpipe borns, I decided to have a set of Wallace for myself, and being your official distributor in Italy, this is a must!

When the package arrived at office I was impressed by the perfect workmanship of the pipes. The bores are shiny and smooth. The combing and beading are deep and precisely made, the final wax coat enhances the beauty of a first class blackwood. I was amazed by the engraving on the top section of the bass drone reporting the serial number, a further proof of a professional behaviour. The nickel is bright and the imitation mounts are also made of good stuff and the polishing is at best. I immediately noticed the imitation bushes on caprings, a detail often forgotten by other makers, but definitely important for the quality of the sound. Another plus.

The acetal chanter is also of a nice workmanship and well balanced in your hand. Another sign of professional is the attached certificate signed by Craig and the master engineer for each set sold.

The drones a full, strong and rich sound with plenty of harmonics, resembling those old now rare sounds.

I played the pipes for several hours for many days and found it very steady in tuning and only after some minutes of playing the sound gives its best, with very small drone adjustements. The whole set is very, very easy to tune, a plus for the beginner!

Finally, the set is one of the best pipes ever tried and now it will be my definitive choice for the band as well as solo performances. Next upgrade will be to have a blackwood chanter from Wallace, to be used exclusively for soloist purposes.
I feel to recommend this set to all pipers who want a top bagpipe with a competitive price and the best quality ever seen on a modern set of original Scottish pipes. Huge thanks Craig, well done!!

Yours sincerely

Pietro Malaguti - The Celtic Store, Italy

Stuart Robertson

When I recieved a set of engraved sterling silver and imitation ivory Wallace Pipes earlier this year to play in the band (St Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band) i was unsure of what to expect. I have in the past recieved several sets to play in various bands, and each had their own plus and minus points. Having never experienced Wallace Pipes before, i was anxious to give them a bash and see if they were up to the standard of the previous sets i have played. On 1st inspection the quality of workmanship and attention to detail was pretty evident. The bores are silky smooth and well polished, the 1st thing i look for in a good bagpipe, and the quality in overall finish was superb and the attention to detail was exemplary. Once they were reeded up and ready to go, i played them for around 2 hours at the practice. The drones are very steady, and theres a good mix between the bass and tenors. Once tuned, they hardly moved and the overall tonal quality was as good as i have played. Theres a mellowness about the tone produced, reminiscent of a good solo bagpipe, and the harmonics between bass and tenor were spot on. The bass gives off a deep richness you would associate with the vintage sets, while the tenors provide the perfect mix. I've played many a set in the 25 years i have been playing, and i would say that these pipes are up there with the best. Overall i have been delighted in the way these pipes have sounded and performed in all weathers, and i would definately recommend you consider these pipes if your looking to purchase a set.

Stuart Robertson

Jim Gillan

Hi Craig,

I want to thank very much for the concert on Monday the 10th and also for the wonderful visit on the 11th. Paul, Paula, Ernie and I really enjoyed both, and learned quite a bit. While the three of us each have two sets of pipes you can be sure that we will recommend your pipes to any of the guys that are considering a purchase. I write a short article for the Shriners magazine every month. I am planning to put in a bit about our time with you. It should be in the October issue which comes out about October 5th. I will send a copy to you when I get it. Thanks once again and I hope to see you next year (I have already purchased my ticket for the St Lawrence O'Toole concert on the Wednesday night.)

Jim Gillan

John Bell


This is just a quick note to thank the team at Wallace Bagpipes for sponsoring a set of pipes for the All-Ireland Championships.  I was lucky enough to win the pipes on Saturday, and I must say they are beautifully finished.  The team at Essey Musical have also been very helpful and a big thank-you goes to them as well.  I play for a local (non-competing) pipe band, and I can guarantee you that the pipes will be put to good use.

Once again thanks for these beautiful finished and magnificent sounding pipes.

John Bell
Drumlough Pipe Band

Dave Tucker


I feel compelled to write to offer my sincere thanks, to Craig Munro and his team, for my new Pipes. I have never seen or heard such quality in Pipes, they are truly a beautiful instrument. They are a joy to play, even for someone like myself who has limited ability. Your attention to detail as a company far exceeds the norm, and I will take you up on your offer to visit your workshop when I am in Glasgow in the summer. If anyone is looking for a new set of Pipes, then Wallace Bagpipes, should be your first "port of call" the pipes even come with a certificate of manufacture/authentication.

Once again many, many thanks,

Dave Tucker

Mark Huebner

Hi Craig,

I wanted to personally thank you and the lads for the fine work and craftsmanship on the pipes. We received them just today 2 Jan 2009. You took my designs and coupled with some yours applied them perfectly the attention to detail you and yours have exhibited is without question.

Thank you very much,

Mark Huebner, Derek Neal, Joel Krizel
Peoria Firefighters Local 50

Craig Badley

Craig Badley – British Forces Germany

I purchased two sets of Bagpipes from Wallace Bagpipes and have been astonished at quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail in producing what can only be described as a first class instrument.  I have never seen such a smooth and well polished bore that is produced on these pipes, and the engraving detail on the nickel silver set is perfect.  It was plain to see that as soon as I opened the box that the pipes are pure quality and were made at the hands of an expert craftsman. 

The customer care afforded to me by the Master Craftsman and Production Manager Craig Munro was second to none and I honestly felt as though my satisfaction as a customer was of paramount importance to the team at Wallace Bagpipes who certainly know how to keep their customers happy.  In short, I am delighted that I have chosen Wallace to purchase bagpipes from and if I ever require any piping supplies in the future, Wallace Bagpipes will always be my first port of call. 

Thanks Guys.

C Badley

Cameron Bell

I received my Wallace Bagpipe and my first impression after opening the packaging was the instruments craftsmanship is in a class of its own. The attention to detail is superb and is truly a work of art, from the combing/beading to the precise fitting of all mounts.

After playing I found that the Wallace Bagpipe is definetely an exceptional instrument. Very easy to reed and to setup. The overall balance of the drones was beautiful with a deep resonant Bass which was not too overpowering.

This Bagpipe has rich vibrant harmonics which really impressed me. These drones definately have that WOW factor. I felt as though i was playing a classic old vintage bagpipe.

I would recommend the Wallace Bagpipe to pipers of all levels of ability up to the serious professional competitor. There is no doubt in my mind that this Bagpipe will become one of the " Classic" sought after instruments that pipers are always searching for.

Thank you again for such an exceptional instrument.

Cameron Bell